As coordinator of the project, IMEC will lead all tasks related to project management and exploitation & dissemination (WP1 and WP2). As a large research organization, IMEC has an experienced team of dedicated project management people that have a vast experience in coordinating and managing large-scale European funded projects in… Read More


CEA-INES will lead several tasks in the HighLite project (T3.2 on minimizing cut-edge losses, T5.1 on the development of tailored modules for BAPV, T6.1 on BAPV outdoor demonstrators) and strongly contribute to other tasks in WP3 to WP8. CEA-INES has an extended track-record in several large funded projects either as… Read More


ISC will participate in WP3, 5, 6 and 7. ISC provides one of the key technologies to the project – the ZEBRA n-type IBC solar cell process. It features conventional industrial processes only (tube diffusion, PECVDSiNx, laser ablation and screen printing) and highest efficiencies to date have been measured at… Read More


CSEM will bring its high expertise in the development of high efficiency silicon solar cells and of advanced multi-wire based interconnection technologies. CSEM has full process flows established for high efficiency silicon heterojunction cell manufacturing, mastering advanced metallization (plating or shingle SHJ cells), cut-SHJ cells and detailed edge losses characterization… Read More


F-ISE will contribute within the project to WP3 by making use of its state-of-the-art infrastructure to process highly efficient large area nPERT cells with passivated TOPCon contacts with high TRL equipment and pilot line capabilities. ISE will work on nPERT cut-cells (1/4 size or smaller) with efficiencies >23.0%. ISE will… Read More


ISFH was one of the pioneers re-discovering passivating contacts in 2013. Since then, ISFH continuously worked on the transfer of the so-called POLO (poly-Si on oxide) technology to industrial wafer sizes. ISFH has a strong background in the development of IBC cells, on small area lab-type demonstrators (p-type worldrecord 26.1… Read More


The role of ECN part of TNO in the HighLite project is the work package leadership of WP8 and to realize the life-cycle assessment tasks within this work package. ECN part of TNO has an extensive track record in the participation and coordination in EU projects. The leading expertise of… Read More